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I love Argan oil!



by Misao Itoh (SULA NYC ASIA)

In June this year, I turned 70 years young. It is Young without saying Old.

And I’m receiving a computer diagnosis of the skin every six months. What is the result of my skin diagnosis upon turning 70? I was diagnosed as 55 years young. My skin is 15 years younger than my real age. It seems that this computer diagnosis can’t count more than 15 years, so this is the best.

Skin is assessed on moisture, oil, brightness, visible number of spots, apparent spot areas, latent spot number, latent spot area, number of pores, wrinkle number (under the eyes), texture. I am a bit concerned about the wrinkles under my eyes, but it is generally good.

Why is my skin so young? That’s easy. I am using SULA NYC’s Argan Oil every day. It has been 8 years since I started using this oil. My skin is rejuvenated. SULA NYC had been around for a year when I started using the products, and the condition of my skin has changed ever since, and many people kept telling me that I looked rejuvenated.

By all means, please also rejuvenate your skin with SULA NYC’s Argan Oil.


この6月で私は70 years youngになりました。オールドとは言わずにヤングです。そして、半年ごとにしている肌のコンピュータ診断をしました。70歳になった肌診断の結果は15歳若い肌の55歳と診断されました。このコンピュータ診断は15歳以上若いというデータは出ないそうで、これが最高です。検査項目は水分、油分、明るさ、顕在しみ数、顕在しみ面積、潜在しみ数、潜在しみ面積、毛穴数、しわ数(目の下)、きめの10項目です。目の下のしわが少し気になりますが、おおむね良好。