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Get your export skills honed, the effective way!

3 years ago we participated in ExporTech, an innovative national export assistance program designed to accelerate export growth for small and mid-size manufacturers. Today, one month after winning the 2018 Export Achievement Award, Patricia Reinders was a panelist in a by ITAC 's  Export Growth Workshop, Brooklyn Navy Yard. ITAC stands for Industrial andTechnology Assistance Corporation, dedicated to helping NYC manufacturing and technology companies grow their top and bottom lines.

It was such a pleasure to share our export experiences with a varied group of NYC based companies.

What we shared is 'you need a compelling, unique, clear and consistent story for your brand, do your research, 'visit countries to understand the culture' and 'networking offers best opportunities'. Listen to your gut - but do the math. Twice. There is plenty expertise, for free, at your service, see flyer below.

More on ExporTech: a 3-day very intense workshop assists C-level leadership to:

- Enter or expand in global markets

- Efficiently connect with a wide range of experts that help navigate the export sales process and provide information specific to each company’s needs

-  Develop a written export growth plan, that is vetted by a panel of experts upon completion


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