‘Glass is green, plastic brown’ – SULA NYC

‘Glass is green, plastic brown’

Glass is green, plastic brown

when recycled in mass, unless you have a rigid selection on color. And a new development, coming to the markets soon, is clear glass made of 60% recycled glass. That’s what we learned at a recent trade show.

ADF & PDC organized North-america’s only dedicated event for the aerosol, dispensing, perfume and cosmetic packing and design community, September 5-6, in NYC. 130+ exhibitors from all over the world introduced new technologies, products, applications. More on both organizations: www.adfpcdnewyork.com or check out the video:

Sprays (aerosols) are improved substantially on their impact on our planet and health concerns and available in a variety of dispensing systems. That was the message the industry successfully relayed at the event through technology, product development, conferences. A ‘Mist Understood’ campaign, relayed the industry’s message: ‘sprays/mists are safe, non-toxic for health and environment’. The event’s focus on sustainable packaging was supported by vendors with marketing materials and product info such as ‘the green guide’.

ADF PCD SULANYC Nowadays a spray does not need to contain gas propellants or any other chemical than air; pressure control is the name of the game. Dual actuators, innovating dispensing systems: check.

And from the packaging side: more and more manufacturers are open to smaller orders, other than the ‘gold standard’ of 10,000 pieces. Especially good news, as more brands, just like us, favor the option to test new packaging concepts in a variety of markets and focus on demographics.

Checking it out: SULA NYC ‘s Dorothy Jie- de Miranda, Director QA & QC

Not only disruptors and Indie companies are interested in the option to customize but a lot of brand who wish to express their brand identity like our ‘New York Swag’ in collaboration with creatives. As you know, especially Gen-Z appreciate the option to buy packaged products related to events, purpose and lifestyle that stand out and are customized.

The conference themes give a good idea on trends; technologies, technical advances and innovations; eco-design and sustainable developments; winning by design, and the daily Eco tour of sustainable package solutions provided an interesting snapshot on what’s going on eco-friendly and sustainable solutions and services. Eco conscious throughout the value chain is definitely the reality, way beyond the years of ‘if you can recycle a package, it’s green’.

UN Global Compact is a driver for change, and if you want to know more on what seals relate to packaging, there are some listed here:  http://www.ecolabelindex.com/ecolabels/?st=category,packaging

New to the format was an interactive workshop ‘ Collective Intelligence, Design Thinking, Problem Solving ’ in collaboration with FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology (www.fitnyc.edu) . Professors Marianne Klimchuk and Sandra Krasovec got the 40+ attendees, representing professions and roles in the industry, involved in their spontaneous - 5 minute timeframe- review of new packaging of products presented at the event. The critique on the packaging had a positive tone ‘change size from square to rectangular’, came up with suggestions, ’change the dispensing system to be child-proof’. This is a very inspiring way to get feedback from all angles and will definitely improve the quality of the design.
The event also hosts a gala ceremony, the Pentawards, a leading global award for the packaging industry. By participating in the Pentawards, packaging designers, design students, brand-owners and packaging producers have the opportunity to compare their creations to those from around the world, and have the opportunity to win a prestigious award that allows them to show the world their creativity and expertise.

SULA NYC ‘s Dorothy Jie- de Miranda, Director QA & QC