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World first study on cosmetic argan oil and colorectal anastomosis indicates argan improves healing, Surgeons, Biochemists and Pathologists conclude.

A team of 10 Researchers of the Ankara Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey published in Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira, July 2018, “ Rectal application of argan oil improves healing of colorectal anastomosis in rats”, Dr. Aziz Mutlu Barlas et al.

Colorectal anastomosis is a hallmark surgical technique and, in layman's terms, means making a connection of the colon with the rectum, mostly done in case of rectal cancer.

The Turkish researchers purpose of this study: To investigate the possible effects of argan oil on the healing of colorectal anastomosis. Researchers used 30 rats, in 3 groups including a ‘sham group’ ( the surgical equivalent of ‘placebo’) and as you know we ‘re not a fan using animals for tests. Wound healing is shown to be positively influenced by argan oil, a study on second-degree burns in rats demonstrated. And our May 2 blog shares results of a study ‘Argan oil prevents scar tissue in the abdomen’.

As the researchers stated: ‘ in the light of the beneficial  effects of argan oil on wound healing, in addition to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects , the aim of the current experimental study was to evaluate the possible effects of rectal administration of argan oil on colorectal anastomosis, and there is no study about this subject in the current literature.” Until now, that is ().


The rectally administered argan oil was observed to have significant ameliorated wound healing parameters and exerted a significant antioxidant effect. This is the first study in the literature about the beneficial effects of argan oil on colorectal anastomosis.


The mean bursting pressures of the argan oil and sham groups were significantly higher than the values in the control group. A significant difference was determined between the tissue hydroxyproline and prolidase levels of control group and other groups. Histopathologically, argan oil showed significant beneficial effects on colonic wound healing. In the argan oil and sham groups, the tissue malondialdehyde and fluorescent oxidation product levels were found to be lower and total sulfhydryl levels were higher than the control group.

Another benefit of Argan oil!