Our Story – SULA NYC

Our Story


We don't mind trends - As long as we're leading them! We're passionate about sharing fine-tuned traditions that have been nurturing the world for centuries. To better the lives of all involved – from skin to soul. We believe everyone should have the chance to live well, and our organic home and body goods are more than good for you – from source to skin  they are purely great for all.


We are unapologetically devoted to natural products. From that devotion grew our promise – Purity will always trump mass production. And you can be sure that the restorative properties of our products will always be at the center of our mission. After all, only 100% natural ingredients can promise to restore what nature intended in the first place.


When we began this adventure, we set out to source more than just inspired ingredients. We were looking to build a business that would better the lives of all it touched. So we left our hearts with our Argan experts in Morocco, and allowed the Amazon rainforest to rejuvenate our souls. We broke bread. Learned new languages. Befriended artisans. And traveled the entire world to find the right partners to bring it all to life.

Sula NYC

..is where wellbeing is well-made. We vow to absolutely never test on animals. And every single organic Argan nut we use is cracked by hand.
Think about that.. Every. Single. Nut.
Are you smiling yet? We are too.