Our models have impressive professional careers -and support SULA NYC

Our models have impressive professional careers -and support SULA NYC as brand ambassador

SULA NYC models all have impressive professional careers, love our organic products and inspire us with their impression of a specific product.

We are proud to introduce four of our brand ambassadors and friends: Javier Gomez, Valerie La Rose, Sarah Fischer and Laura Kuraner.

Javier Gomez, noted NYC based photographer exhibits the link ‘human and nature’ inspired photographs all over the world.

Visit  http://javiergomezstudio.com/ to see his extraordinary art and expositions.

Watch Javier explain his art:http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2xnB4iw6caY&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D2xnB4iw6caY

Javier loves the scent of Fruit of Desire (TM), organic, pure Argan oil with a sensual scent and showcased the branding best in this picture:


 this is from his recent Beverly Hills exposition:




Valerie La Rose, Amsterdam, stars as explosive dancer in major concerts on TV and theatres in the Netherlands and models in Europe, South Africa and beyond.

In a sula, in Suriname she recently made the core shot for SULA NYC: Unlock Pure Radiance.

Soon to come!

This photo for Amazon Dew (TM) Massage & Bath Oil was made by Martika de Sanders:

Want to see beauty in action? Watch her dancing in Armand van Buuren 's video clip:



Sarah Fischer, Brasilia, Dubai, showcases to the world the ancient art of belly dancing. Refined persuasion and combining century old rituals with a fast modern lifestyle: it’s Sarah. Magnificent. Details and performance are like ingredients and results.

Who better to introduce Pure Organic Argan oil?

   Watch Sarah perform:                 




Laura Kuraner, the Hamptons, loves life  - and moonlights as inspirational speaker & MC.

‘Do I look like 84?’ is a favorite line. (don’t take sh-t is her line too) Good genes and a lifelong commitment to taking care of her body are the drivers to her beauty. Argan Face Serum helps to maintain Laura’s beauty.