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The bustling streets of NYC are the epitome of a global tribe, a place where ideas fly like sparks and people come together in an organized chaos. But with the busy activities of daily life comes the need to restore balance. Close your eyes and journey deep into the splendor of exotic locales through sumptuous skincare and tantalizing scents found in products for the body and home by SULA NYCThis is the essence of SULA NYC, a brand born from the healing power of nature found in the Suriname rainforest and incorporated into the self-care rituals of the modern city dweller. SULA NYC has proven to be a staple for those seeking clean, effective products made with exotic and responsibly sourced ingredients and filled with the heart of a community.

From the rainforests where we find our ingredients, to our partners in Morocco that crack each and every Argan nut, we are built on a belief that every person and place involved in our brand will be treated to the benefits of greater well-being.

Our promise to you

We believe in creating experiences and products that nourish the mind, body and soul. From home to spa, our products are designed to rejuvenate the senses and hydrate the body with naturally exotic and exquisitely rare ingredients that are thoughtfully chosen to make you fall back in love with being alive.

Our inspiration

Inspired by the rapid waters of the sula ‘s found deep in the Amazon, our company was started by Patricia Reinders. Her mission was to create products formulated with the best Swiss-made fragrances and botanicals in the world and just simply sharing joy in the process. We are never toxic or test on amimals and our slogan is: Well-being is a beautiful thing!
Are you smiling yet? We are too.

    Please visit www.sulanyc.nl (for Europe) culinaryarganoil.com and TattooBooster.com for more SULA NYC products.

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