From the rainforests where we find our ingredients, to our partners in Morocco that crack each and every Argan nut, we are built on a belief that every person and place involved in our brand will be treated to the benefits of greater well-being.

Our promise to you

We believe in creating experiences and products that nourish the mind, body and soul. From home to spa, our products are designed to rejuvenate the senses and hydrate the body with naturally exotic and exquisitely rare ingredients that are thoughtfully chosen to make you fall back in love with being alive.

Our inspiration

Inspired by the Sula’s rapid waters found deep in the Amazon, we create organic and natural skin care products made from the best organic certified (USDA) and natural ingredients. We source respectfully and never test on animals. Our motto: “where well-being is well-made”.

Our global commitments

  • Signatory to UN Global Compact. Active in WEP (Women Empowerment Principles - UN inititative).
  • Supports respectful sourcing: T4SD (Trade for Sustainable Development - initiative Worldbank & International Trade Center)
  • Initiates fairtrade and traceability of organic ingredients to farmers (GS1 initiative)
  • Partner of GRETHA. (World’s first & only group of medical professors to reseach effects of Argan oil for medical therapies).

Please visit CulinaryArganOil.com and TattooBooster.com f for more SULA NYC products.

PETA CertifiedUSDN Certified    
USDN Certified  Organic ingredients certified by CCPB
  • We are proud to be working with The 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties.
  • SULA NYC supports Humane Society International in it's global commitments against animal cruelty.