Recent Testimonials for organic and natural SULA NYC products


Terry EllisI tried SULA NYC's Argan Oil and I loved it the very first time I used it! It was very moisturizing. My hair is dry but after using the oil, my hair was very soft and smooth. I can't wait to try the other products in the SULA NYC line!

Terry Ellis | En Vogue

Terry EllisI have been using the Exfoliating Olive Soap and the Mineral Clay Mask since February and my face has never glowed so much. I always used to have a bit of a bad and dry skin. I'm a model and it's important for my job to have good skin.

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Anastasia Leung Lo Hing | Model at Ford, NYC

Hellen ChirinoI travel a lot and was looking for a natural, organic day and night moisturizer/protecting product. Finally found SULA NYC's Face Serum. During the day I use a little under my sunscreen. At night, after my bath, I put a few drops on my face, neck and chest.

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Hellen Chirino-Roosberg | Curacao N.A

Cleusa PaulaThe exfoliation olive soap is an amazing natural scrub. It has made my whole body feel velvety! And the Amazon Dew Argan Body oil has a lovely fragrance which leaves my body fresh and hydrated all day long.

Cleusa Paula | Esthetician, Manhattan

I am so happy to buy the Fruit of Desire body oil. It gives me smooth and perfumed skin. I remember the first time I brought some bottles to Brazil and my mom was kind of skeptical, she was telling me that it would not work for her skin, and It has been almost five years, and now every time I travel to Brazil my Mom always reminds me that I cannot go there if I don't bring her bottles of Fruit of Desire body oil! I simple love it!

Lisa | New York / Brazil

Terry EllisFor me Tokyo Moonlight is by far the best smelling body oil I have ever had the chance to try. Not only it smells insanely good, but it makes your skin reach a level of smoothness that is second to none. Even though I am a man, I have caught myself on numerous occasions recommending it to people, man and women.

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Alex Sayhi | Model at IMG, NYC

Arlene RamirezSULA NYC Products are amazing. I was first introduced to them by Michaela of Michaela TV/Radio. I was instantly in love with the Fruit of Desire Argan Oil.

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Arlene Ramirez | Recording Artist / host "Adelante with Arlene"

SULA's exfoliating olive soap has totally changed not only the feel of my skin but it's appearance. I have tried all types of scrubs, exfoliants, and even rocks to soften my dry skin and none of them have allowed me to achieve the softness that I get with SULA. It especially softens difficult areas such as knees and elbows. When I first used the exfoliating soap, I almost did not recognize my skin because it was uncharacteristically softer! Also, the more i exfoliate with sula, the softer my skin became with each use. Now that i have built it into my life, I need less oils and moisturizers because my skin was actually able to breathe and absorb the appropriate amount of product.

Maryam Greenidge | New York

I love SULA NYC,it's amazing,my skin is sooo soft. I just exfoliated my left arm to try the SULA NYC treatment and I can't wait to go home to exfoliate my entire body. It will be from now on my weekly 'me' treatment. I have a very dry skin, and dark, scabby elbows and I can totally feel the difference between the arm I treated with SULA NYC.

Guddy Domdidier | Switzerland

Cristina Montanti, youngest fan, brand ambassador and aspiring fashion designer talks about Fruit of Desire Argan Body Oil.

Javier Gomez

Laura Kuraner for SULA NYC

Talia Governa