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‘Glass is green, plastic brown’

when recycled in mass, unless you have a rigid selection on color. And a new development, coming to the markets soon, is clear glass made of 60% recycled glass. That’s what we learned at a recent trade show. ADF & PDC organized North-america’s only dedicated event for the aerosol, dispensing, perfume and cosmetic packing and design community, September 5-6, in NYC. 130+ exhibitors from all over the world introduced new technologies, products, applications. More on both organizations: or check out the video: Sprays (aerosols) are improved substantially on their impact on our planet and health concerns and available in a variety of dispensing systems. That was the message the industry successfully relayed at the event through technology, product development,...

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World first study on cosmetic argan oil and colorectal anastomosis indicates argan improves healing, Surgeons, Biochemists and Pathologists conclude.

A team of 10 Turkish medical researchers conducted the first study on the beneficial effects of argan oil on colorectal anastomosis. The rectally administered argan oil was observed to have significant ameliorated wound healing parameters and exerted a significant antioxidant effect. 

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UN Global Compact’s USA Network Executive Forum

The Path to Impact: Financing and Collective Impact for the SDGs,’ and it is designed to move engagement with the SDGs from understanding and alignment to action and impact. “ In principle, the global community has the resources to address the needs of the 2030 Agenda and meet the SDGs. The challenge is finding the path to get there”.  UN Global Compact’s USA Network Executive Forum attracted and inspired 200+ attendees from all over the US, in New York City, June 20, 2018. This USA network ( is a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles + take steps to support UN goals. An engaging full day on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) meeting of...

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Get your export skills honed, the effective way!

3 years ago we participated in ExporTech, an innovative national export assistance program designed to accelerate export growth for small and mid-size manufacturers. Today, one month after winning the 2018 Export Achievement Award, Patricia Reinders was a panelist in a by ITAC 's  Export Growth Workshop, Brooklyn Navy Yard. ITAC stands for Industrial andTechnology Assistance Corporation, dedicated to helping NYC manufacturing and technology companies grow their top and bottom lines. It was such a pleasure to share our export experiences with a varied group of NYC based companies. What we shared is 'you need a compelling, unique, clear and consistent story for your brand, do your research, 'visit countries to understand the culture' and 'networking offers best opportunities'. Listen to your gut...

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