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Argan prevents scar tissue in the abdomen

Argan prevents scar tissue in the abdomen?

4 Surgeons from Turkey, dr. Oguz Ugur Aydin et al. published ‘Anti-adhesive effects of argan oil on postoperative peritoneal adhesions’, Medicine Science, April 2018. The aim of the study is to reveal effect of Argan oil on postoperative peritoneal adhesions.

Abstract: Postoperative peritoneal adhesion (PPA) is one of the major complications of abdominopelvic surgery and occurs 70 to 93% of the patients and 33% caused to twice or more readmissions to a hospital. Various kind of agents have been performed for prevention of PPA. Barriers, surgical or non invasive strategies, cellular strategies, drugs and agents have been used at clinical or experimental studies. Oils, with fatty acids contents were studied for prevention of PPA in literature. The researchers considered argan oil to prevent peritoneal adhesions, as argan oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It also contains antioxidant combinations such as tocopherols, especially y-tocopherol, and has been reported usage of burn and surgical wound treatments

Conclusion: Argan oil reduced the postoperative peritoneal adhesions initially separation of damaged tissues, subsequent effect of fatty acids and tocopherols on inflammation, plasminogen activation and matrix metalloproteinase steps of adhesion formation.

The authors also concluded that long term studies are needed to evaluate the effect of argan oil on PPA. Maybe something for the independent researchers of GRETHA ( to consider in a clinical trial?

We know argan oil is great for all skin and as culinary argan oil has wonderful health benefits as well. Applications for tissue would it make even better…

A slam dunk to use!