Explore the curiosity in yourself; check out our selection of some ver – SULA NYC

Explore the curiosity in yourself; check out our selection of some very different websites....

... where creativity meets entrepreneurs. They combine business with learning, values with deliverables and embrace connection and collaboration. Check them out and click yourself a journey.

To start a sector known for its competitiveness and innovation: architecture.Archipreneur     is an online magazine passionate about exploring the intersection between architecture and entrepreneurship. www.archipreneur.com. Initiated in Berlin, now a worldwide community. Designs, trends, jobs and this week’s post: ‘7 Inspiring Startups Combining Architecture and Tech’.

www.connect.org is a San Diego based ‘innovation support’ organization with a proven track record: Helping to create and scale great innovation companies through access to the resources that entrepreneurs & growing companies need most – People, Capital, & Technology.

Connect offers programs, resources, guidance to a variety of innovative companies and entrepreneurs. ‘Incubator’ seems old skool but works like a charm..

Build on the genius of others, problem solvers, crowd selling inventions, patents...www.ideaconnection.com

IdeaConnection gives companies, immediate access to teams of scientists, engineers, and innovators, that focus their talents and ingenuity on developing innovative, in-depth solutions to creative challenges.. and you only pay if they succeed. And of course, there is more...like George Forman & InventHelp.


Doctorpreneurs is a global community for doctors, medical students, and individuals interested in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship. London based nonprofit organization committed to transforming healthcare. With healthcare facing unprecedented challenges globally, they believe that unlocking the wealth of talent within the system will be key to driving radical change:  “We inspire healthcare professionals and students to think creatively and embrace principles of innovation and entrepreneurship to improve healthcare; we connect our members with a network to help them learn and grow, and we accelerate members’ entrepreneurial journey through providing access to exciting opportunities”. www.doctorpreneurs.com

www.are.na intends to build a platform for creative thinking and research that is open to everyone. Powered by 30,000+ members, not advertisers.

It’s a distraction-free space where you can collect anything, organize your thoughts, and develop ideas over time. It’s also a community where curiosity and collaboration are more important than algorithms and likes.

"Whether you’re writing a story, designing a product, or just exploring your interests, we believe Are.na should help you think and discover in a way that feels natural."

Atlas of the Future is an online resource mapping innovative, future-focused, socially impactful projects and people around the world. The Atlas mission is to ‘democratise the future’.

That means making sure developments are understandable and entertaining – not just in science and tech, politics or culture, urban planning or education, arts, and design – but stories in every area of human activity.  Discover the talent and energy solving tomorrow’s challenges: www.atlasofthefuture.org



 Creative Boom is an online magazine that celebrates, inspires and supports the creative community. From graduates, creative professionals and freelancers to independent artists, designers, and makers, our audience of half a million monthly readers span the globe, each using our inspiration, tips, and resources to succeed.

“With a focus on art, crafts, design, illustration, and photography, Creative Boom showcases emerging and established talent, shares recommended resources such as the latest tools and books, interviews the brightest and best creatives, delves into people's inspiring workspaces and offers invaluable tips and insight to help you at every stage of your creative career” www.creativeboom.com

Goodnet connects people around the world with opportunities for doing good - it’s that simple.

  'Our writers and editors have eyes and ears across the      world of good doing - from volunteering, charity work,   microfunding, and creativity to green tech, water conservation, collaborative consumption and mindful living.' It’s a network that empowers users to independently take positive action and amplify their goodness - anytime, anywhere and in the field of interest closest to their hearts.  http://www.goodnet.org

And also: https://blog.feedspot.com/entrepreneur_blogs/ 

  Let us know if your creative drive went a   little bonkers!