Nerissa Irving' s review for Fruit of Desire Argan Body Oil – SULA NYC

Nerissa Irving' s review for SULA NYC and Fruit of Desire Argan Body Oil

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Sula!! The name alone is beautiful. Before I brag about this product I just have to talk about the owner. I was lucky enough to meet her face to face in New York and get the culture behind her product. She put Soo much love and culture into this product. She took organic ingredient from the rainforest and other parts of the world to make Sula a success. She is also sweetheart.

The main ingredient is Argan oil. I know the market is flooded with argan but Sula is unique. The indigenous oils she mixes with it makes it special.

The owner, Patricia, showed me how to mix the Mineral Clay Mask and the Exfoliating Olive Soap to make a super face cleanse. The olive soap has a strong olive and earthy smell. I love it because every beauty product doesn’t need to smell like flowers. I cleansed my face with the mixture and my face felt baby soft. Then I moisturized with the face serum.

I was very sceptic about the Argan Face Serum because it’s an oil. Wouldn’t an oil clog my pores and break me out?! I took the risk and used it anyway and went to bed. The next morning I went to examine my face and my face was not oily. It still felt soft and it even had a glow. The serum also fights premature aging and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The body oil is delightful. It has a very sweet smell. My daughter has been trying to drink the body oil since I first opened it lol .

Since I have sooo much hair I tested the Argan Hair Serum on my daughter. I washed her hair and conditioned it with a mix of coconut conditioner and the Argan Hair Serum. My babies hair glowed all day. I’m going to need like ten bottles for my hair lol.

Wonderful product.
Organic and Chemical free        

Another bullshit free product. Mama likes .