1st Argan Symposium in Errachidia very successfull: new scientific ins – SULA NYC

1st Argan Symposium in Errachidia very successfull: new scientific insights.

  argan symposium errachidia

The Faculty of Science and Technology Errichida, University Moulay Ismail  (FSTE) and the Moroccan Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SMBBM) organized 1st. Symposium on the beneficial effects of argan oil on human health.

General conclusion: there are plenty proven benefits! SULA NYC is proud to have highlighted benefits on our websites: www.sulanyc.com and www.culinaryarganoil.com. 

In 3 days 10+ key-note speakers, distinguished professors from Morocco, Europe and the USA captured the attention with their presentations and discussed results with the 100+ audience: academics, (ph-D) students. 6 themes, poster sessions and topics like 'plant abstracts and human health' and 'animal testing and alternative methods' were addressed.

We now understand more and more  the chemical properties, the benefits on human health - with zero reported negative impacts or side effects! Beneficial for CVD, cancer prevention, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. The environmental aspects, impact on rural communities, the value chain and nutritional aspects and the prevention aspects were presented. Finally, SULA NYC presented 'Challenges and Trends: a perspective for health and wellness'.

It is always great to learn from others what's going on with Argan oil, scientific studies, cooperations. opinions, international partnerships and networking. The 'Tree of Life', Argania Spinosa, is slowly but surely disclosing its value to mankind.  Science, community and business can work together -even more than already realized - to establish Argan oil cosmetic- as well as culinary oil as the preeminent vegetable oil of the world. 

Symposium presentations will be made available by the coordination committee, who organized this acclaimed first international symposium and initiated knowledge exchange. We will publish abstracts of the conference papers and are looking forward  to the 2nd symposium -and exploring more of this fascinating ( Palms & Mountains, Oasis in the Savannah) region we did not visit before.