SUNDAYS with SULA, Maureen Powel: mom, model, stylist – SULA NYC

SUNDAYS with SULA, Maureen Powel: mom, model, stylist

posted on 1 NOVEMBER 2015 

10 reasons why I love SULA NYC skincare products.

1. The name Sula brings back sweet memories of Surinam where my parents were born. As a young girl I got accustomed to the rivers of Suriname and their fast currents called “Sula”
2. The founder is Surinamese, having moved to New York City years ago. After meeting her I immediately felt a connection.
3. All products are made out of the highest quality and organic products.
4. None of it is tested on animals
5. The body oils moisturize your skin and are non-greasy.
6. Can also be used as perfume. Apply a few drops along your pulse points for a natural light fragrance.
7. The 100 pure argan oil is a perfect frizz buster and perfect for dry ends
8. I started to wax my body at home and these oils are the perfect aftercare.
9. After using the bodyexfoliater my skin feels super soft.
10. Because these products have multiple purposes I love to use them. I don’t like it when my bathroom is piled up with different products for different purposes.
Now I finally found a brand that has it all and you don’t need much of it too. The smell is pleasant and the products are user friendly I finally feel like having a beauty ritual before I go to bed.