Argan - The Green Medicine? presentations at COP22 / SIGEF 2016 Marrak – SULA NYC

Argan - The Green Medicine? presentations at COP22 / SIGEF 2016 Marrakech

Culinary Argan Oil presented as 'the GREEN MEDICINE' in Prestigous Seminars in Marrakech

Last week the UN Climate Change Conference COP22 started in Marrakech, Morocco. Altough zero 'climate change' questions were asked during the 3 presidential debates in the USA, and the president - elect thinks climate change is a hoax, we at SULA NYC feel it is one of the key issues of our time. The Argan tree has weathered rough conditions and manages to attract water through its deep roots, but can it withstand an even more harsher climate, the thread of Climate Change?  Anyhow, on a more general level, major conferences like these always stimulates more meetings, conferences and intellectual exchanges. One of these conferences is SIGEF: the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum.      ( ) This third edition along with United Nations Conference presented an exceptional line-up of 80 speakers, social innovators, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

This edition explores innovative solutions for a better future in a wide range of topics such as Cities of the Future, Climate and the Environment, Social Entrepreneurship, CSR practices and Sustainability, Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing, Arts and Culture and Youth Empowerment.

Prof. Dr. Mourad Errasfa, initiator of Argan research group GRETHA , Prof. of Medicine of University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (USMBA), Fez, Morocco presented a very interesting, well visited lecture  'Argan, the Green Medicine' . He addressed the benefits of Culinary Argan, presented results of various clinical trials - Hemodialysis, Metabolic Syndrome, Osteoarthritis, knee joint pain.


 One or two spoons a day - the content of the small bottle he holds in the photo - is very beneficiary for our health, and more clinical studies are in the works, starting in Spain, to study the Metabolic Syndrome. More information to follow soon or contact GRETHA / Prof.Dr. M.Errasfa:

USMBA 's Dr. Basmat Amal Chouhani,  Nephrologly resident was awarded the 2016 PRIX INNOCLIM for her research including ARGAN.

Are you familiar with the internet media network HORYOU? (

We just ( ) learned about this organization: from their 'about us': 'Horyou is an action oriented social network for the social good. We bring Organizations, Personalities, and Supporters together to connect within an internet-based global community. 

Horyou is also SIGEF 's co-organisator.   

Mr. Léon Parienti, President Chairman of Horyou SA and Prof. Dr. Mourad Errasfa, at Marrakesh's COP22 side event, SIGEF2016, where argan oil health benefits were discussed.