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How argan oil can literally keep you warm in the middle of winter

Now, with the Christmas holidays just lurking around the corner and the cold weather ruling over New York City, you probably feel like staying home near the warmth of the fireplace. You can see yourself taking a hot bath with aroma oils and scented candles around you... or perhaps not. You are one of those energetic women who love winter, skating rinks, strolling in the park between the frozen trees.

Enjoy winter with an argan oil sweater

You know that these harsh conditions will take a toll on your skin and hair if you don't take proper care, which of course you never forget to do first thing in the morning. One or two drops of our pure organic argan oil is all you need to feel radiant. Argan oil has gained deserved popularity in recent years both as cosmetic and culinary product. It has many wonderful qualities and edible argan oil can even be used in medicine as it is packed with antioxidants, reduces bad cholesterol and has antiatherogenic activity that means it can prevent the formation of plaques in arteries and thus boost the cardiovascular health. Scientists have even discovered that it can have antidiabetic and even anticancer effects.

An argan oil sweater can keep you warm

However, just a couple of weeks ago, we went to the Uniqlo store in Manhattan and noticed HEATTECH with Argan oil! The Japanese casual wear and designer company Uniqlo found a way to utilize argan oil and its unique qualities in clothing too. They have infused their innerwear with it to provide more warmth and comfort in the cold winter days. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Just have a look at  their press release from 24 October:

"UNIQLO’s New HEATTECH Ultra Warm and Improved Range of HEATTECH Promise Added Comfort & Warmth”

Another new and exciting feature from UNIQLO’s range of HEATTECH includes the infusion of argan oil into the innerwear fibers of UNIQLO’s HEATTECH, Women’s HEATTECH Extra Warm and Women’s HEATTECH Ultra Warm. Containing moisture retention properties and anti-oxidative effects, argan oil helps to provide the innerwear with an excellent feel that gently envelopes winter-dried skin, providing 25 percent more softness and comfort to the wearer."

argan oil clothing is perfect in the cold

This really sounds promising and we at SULA NYC know that anything touched with argan oil bears the signs of love and quality combined into one. Our founder Patricia had a chance to personally try some of Uniqlo's innerwear and was pleasantly surprised as you can see from her first impressions below:

"The great properties of Argan oil are well known for skin and hair care and when roasted and cold pressed it is a tasty and healthy culinary oil as well. Kudo's for the Japanese master innovators at TORAY Industries Inc. and Uniqlo who discovered the benefits of Argan oil in clothing. It is very cold in New York City right now and my HEATTECH T-shirt really keeps me warm. I had the pleasure to test drive it and I'm very happy it is a lovely, very soft product I love to wear. The fibers woven with Argan oil feel very soft and smooth on my skin. Only available for women - yet...."

stay warm with argan oil clothing

So, congratulations, dear ladies – you have found a true partner for your walks in the cold winter days or down the snowy slopes during your ski vacation. Enjoy the winter and remember that argan oil will not only moisturize and protect your skin, hair and nails but literally keep you warm in the cold days thanks to Uniqlo.