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How to Prevent Stretch Marks with Argan Oil

preventing stretch marks with argan oil

Most people have some type of stretch marks. It’s a part of life and it may be caused by quick weight changes, hitting puberty, extreme body building or pregnancy. The skin being stretched and tugged over a long period of time causes stretch marks to develop all over the body. The most common areas where a stretch mark may appear are thighs, bellies, hips and buttocks.

stretch marks on the belly during pregnancyAlthough there’s no sure way to eliminate them altogether,  nourishing and moisturizing skin can be helpful in preventing future stretch marks from developing.  As you may know, genes are a deciding factor whether or not stretch marks may occur. Look at direct family members and you’ll see.. or not.

One way to help prevent stretch marks would be to use argan oil on a regular basis. It’s an all natural quick absorbing  oil, which blends well into all types of skin. It may be a simple solution as a great moisturizer for overstressed skin that’s constantly being pulled in all directions. In a recent study, September 2016, the use of Argan revealed a positive effect on skin elasticity, suggesting  helpful in the prevention or early treatment of  stretch marks; great news and a motivator for further dermatological studies.

SULA NYC offers a variety of argan oil products, including 100% pure argan oil as well as scented argan body oils. Argan oil is a cold pressed oil and safe for pregnant women and anyone who wants to avoid toxic artificial, highly processed products. And since Argan oil is a vegetable oil, it is vegan as well. Argan oil gets high marks as it contains a high percentage of fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E, which helps to promote skin health and radiance. These ingredients will help prevent  and will also help fade the appearance of already existing stretch marks.

After all, it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin!

pregnancy and stretch marks