INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS 'De L' Arganier: "How is Argan Oil Doing?" – SULA NYC

INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS 'De L' Arganier: "How is Argan Oil Doing?"


This International Scientific Congress on the Argan Tree is a bi-annual meeting between members of the academic community, and stakeholders related to the Argan tree and its products.  This congress aims at the:

  • sharing of scientific and technical knowledge between national and international researchers, forest managers, economic actors and development institutions,
  • the contribution to the implementation of the ambitious program the argan tree,  on a solid scientific basis

The Congress is organized by the National Agency for the Development of Oasis Areas and the Argan Tree (ANDZOA) in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, the High Commission for Water and Forests and the National Institute Agronomic Research. The congress will take place in Agadir, November 20-22, 2017 and will explore key issues:

Ecosystem, Biotechnology and Valorization. Developments, results and trends are identified, discussed, moderated and reported.

SULA NYC will present about valorization and economy  at this  congress on the topic:‘How is Argan Oil doing’?  SULA NYC’ s Wim Reinders, chair advisory board, will address Demand and Supply side, the great potentials for especially Culinary Argan oil and our recommendations.

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