SULA NYC is now USDA organic certified.

SULA NYC is now USDA organic certified.

SULA NYC was certified effective January 11, 2017 by CCOF,  the oldest and largest USDA National Organic Program (NOP) certifier of organic products in the world.


This certification is for SULA NYC ‘s operations and our brands CULINARY ARGAN OIL and TATTOO BOOSTER.



Our packaging for culinary organic argan oil, cosmetic organic argan oil, organic prickly pear seeds oil and organic argan face serum will have the USDA seal and  ‘Certified by CCOF’.

For the moment, some of our packaging may have a sticker with this info as we don’t want to waste perfectly fine packaging.

The USDA seal will be on the label of our Culinary Argan oil bottle and this seal:  

 We support the Non-GMO movement. The culinary label also lists the calories per serving.

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