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Vitamin E Rich Argan Oil Is Perfect For Your Skin and Hair

Vitamin E in Argan Oil helps skin and care

Vitamin E is known for its positive effects on the human body. Many organs need it in order to function properly. Plus, it is a natural moisturizer. It helps restore the glow of your hair and skin. Women of every age aspire to have glowing skin and smooth hair and that is why more and more of them turn to Argan Oil based beauty products. When it comes to Vitamin E, Argan Oil is superior to most other skin and hair care products available on the market. Read further and to find out how it can also help YOU.

Vitamin E for Your Hair

Vitamin E is claimed to promote hair growth. First off, damaged hair follicles are repaired due to its antioxidant properties. It does a great job stimulating capillaries growth, which in return improves blood circulation. As a result of that, more hair begins to grow on the scalp. Moreover, vitamin E conditions the hair deeply. Hence, it becomes shinier and healthier.

Split ends? Hot hair tools can damage the hair to such an extent that it looks lifeless, dry and dull. No worries, the magical properties of the vitamin will fix things. It is advisable to treat your hair with a combination of argan oil, apricot, castor oil, and almond oil, all of which are rich in vitamin E and can promote hair growth, nourishes and strengthens hair.

Did you know that vitamin E can prevent pre-mature graying? If you are concerned that your hair is already showing signs of aging, you can try the omnipotent vitamin E. Its powerful antioxidants can slow down graying.

Vitamin E for Your Skin

Vitamin E has a number of benefits for the skin. In the first place, it promotes the elasticity of the skin by increasing collagen production. In other words, it is a good wrinkle fighter. Solar radiation damages the skin but the process can be reversed with the help of a good antioxidant like vitamin E. Hence, if you take vitamin E supplements on a regular basis, it may give your skin a fresher look

Second, vitamin E can help against scars. It has healing properties, as a result of which damaged tissue takes less time to repair. In fact, the moisturizing effects of the vitamin help eliminate dryness. Rough and dry hands will be supple and soft.

Further more, you can battle dark patches and uneven color on your body caused by hyperpigmentation, using vitamin E. All you need to do is treat the affected areas with a product, which contains vitamin E, such as argan oil. You want to massage your body for about ten minutes each and every day for several weeks.

And finally, vitamin E can strengthen your nails; treat dry and chapped lips, as well as dermatitis, and much more. It’s not surprising that the main ingredient in so many beauty products is namely vitamin E.

Vitamin E deficiency could be detrimental. A study conducted by researchers at Oregon State University has discovered that animals that were stripped of vitamin E suffered a number of health problems. For example, in some pregnant laboratory animals the insufficiency of vitamin E resulted in embryonic death. In others, the embryos suffered neurological impairment. Another study revealed that pregnant women who had vitamin E deficiency were more prone to miscarriages. The findings prove that vitamin E is of a great importance to the human body.

Supplying Your Body With Vitamin E

The daily intake of vitamin E varies according to age. Generally speaking, adults should take between 15 to 20 mg of vitamin E per day. It sounds reasonable, but what are the best sources of vitamin E? It is present in plenty of foods like eggs, cereals, veggies and fruits, poultry, meat. Also, you can take vitamin E in the form of supplements.

Finally, most natural oils are rich in vitamin E. One of the best sources of vitamin E is argan oil. It has from 60 to 90 mg of vitamin E per 100 g. In comparison, olive oil contains three times less vitamin E. Other natural oils are known to contain small amounts of vitamin E. Here is the breakdown: olive oil contains about 14 mg of vitamin E per 100 mg; palm oil has 15 mg, almond oil contains 39 mg, hazelnut oil boasts 47 mg. Argan oil is an excellent source of vitamin E!

Human plasma contains vitamin E in these two main forms: gamma-tocopherol and alpha-tocopherol. Gamma tocopherol is vital to the body. It helps against free radicals and improves the defense mechanisms of the system. Of the two types of tocopherol, argan oil seems to have 75% gamma tocopherol. And since argan oil is rich in vitamin E, it has powerful moisturizing properties. Remember all the things we said about vitamin E – e.g. it promotes hair growth and skin’s elasticity? Well, because argan oil contains a good amount of the healing vitamin, you can be sure that including argan oil in your daycare procedures will benefit your health. What is more, argan oil boasts a bunch of other health benefits. Unsaturated acids make up 80% of the oil. Of which 43% are oleic acids and 36% are linoleic acids. The former help lower “bad cholesterol” or the so-called LDLs. At the same time the “good cholesterol” (HDLs) remains unchanged. The latter help reduce bad cholesterol too. To recap, argan oil has nourishing, revitalizing and moisturizing properties, some of which are due to the fact that it contains vitamin E.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get vitamin E. Be sure to explore all of the options yourself to see which one works best for you. Just remember that it plays a crucial role for your body and that deficiency of vitamin E is no good for you. We recommend you consume foods that are rich in vitamin E and to also use cosmetic products, which contain vitamin E. Our 100% organic argan oil could be exactly what you need to get the skin and hair you’ve been wishing for. Join dozens of others who have already tried it and you won’t be disappointed.