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Argan Oil Improves Skin Elasticity in Postmenopausal Women!

In a 2015 study scientists found a positive effect of using argan oil on postmenopausal skin elasticity. 5 Moroccan researchers (K.Q. Boucetta et al.) published in Clinical Interventions in Aging “ The effect of dietary (culinary) and/or cosmetic argan oil on post menopausal skin elasticity”. During Menopause less estrogens are available, causing the decline in skin elasticity, a characteristic of skin aging. The study goal was to evaluate in postmenopausal women the effect of daily consumption of culinary argan oil and/or topical application of cosmetic argan oil on skin elasticity. In Morocco sixty women consumed butter during the stabilization period and were randomly divided into 2 groups for the intervention period. The treatment group of 30 women received dietary argan...

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Fall in Love With Argan Oil for Fall Skincare

Fall is a wonderful season in New York City. Leaves begin to change color, decorating sidewalks with an array of yellow, reds, oranges, and browns. The dreadful city humidity is finally gone, people can begin layering clothing again, and there is a whole host of outdoor events to attend.   But with the changing seasons comes a new series of skin issues to tackle. If summers made most faces become covered in a never-ending sheen of sebum, the autumn season might challenge skin to go between oily and dry due to the ever-changing temperatures. Skin is also stressed even further when homes and offices begin to turn off central air conditioning and begin to crank up the heater, which can...

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The 31st Annual Natural Products Expo East

One the world’s  largest Trade shows for organic and natural products, the “Natural Products Expo East”  ( held September 21-24, hosted more than 1,450 brands including 450 first-time exhibitors like SULA NYC and attracted 28,000 visitors to the Baltimore Convention Center. This was SULA NYC' s first exhibit at Natural Products Expo East - and it was a successful one. Lots of interest for our organic and natural products: The Swiss scented body moisturizers immediately attracted the interest of visitors and Spa and salon & gift shop owners appreciated the Home Fragrance Collection.  The Argan Oil as culinary oil was also part of the palette of organic products we showcased to the public. Thanks for the warm welcome of our...

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A 4 Steps Beauty Therapy to Overcome the End of Summer

End of August, beginning of September. A time when many of us say goodbye to the summer along with all that it implies: sunny beaches and cold drinks, long walks in the open, light clothing, lots of fun and maybe even an exciting flirt. Autumn often means the end of it all and it is not surprising that this season sometimes brings a bit of sadness and melancholy. There is nothing wrong with a little sadness, but if you want to get back to your good mood it might be easier than you think. Just follow our “four steps beauty therapy” and you will find yourself smiling again. Find a little “Me” time We know it’s hard but you deserve...

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Find Better Options in Organic Beauty Products

We, at SULA NYC, truly believe that using organic beauty products turns your daily skin care and health care routine into a wonderful experience. We've talked and talked about the benefits of natural ingredients and all natural products, but today we're happy to share with you an amazing infographic, generously provided by our friends from Alyaka. SULA NYC is proud to be included among some of the top brands in the organic beauty industry. Thank you all, for being our customers and friends. We hope you enjoy it.  

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