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Argan Oil Improves Skin Elasticity in Postmenopausal Women!

argan oil skin benefits for menopausal women

In a 2015 study scientists found a positive effect of using argan oil on postmenopausal skin elasticity. 5 Moroccan researchers (K.Q. Boucetta et al.) published in Clinical Interventions in Aging “ The effect of dietary (culinary) and/or cosmetic argan oil on post menopausal skin elasticity”.

During Menopause less estrogens are available, causing the decline in skin elasticity, a characteristic of skin aging. The study goal was to evaluate in postmenopausal women the effect of daily consumption of culinary argan oil and/or topical application of cosmetic argan oil on skin elasticity.

In Morocco sixty women consumed butter during the stabilization period and were randomly divided into 2 groups for the intervention period. The treatment group of 30 women received dietary argan oil; the control group, also 30 women, received olive oil. Both groups applied cosmetic argan oil on the volar (inside, lower part of the arm)  left arm during 60 days.

Three parameters to assess the skin elasticity (R2: gross-elasticity, R5: net-elasticity and R7: biological elasticity) were used and the RRT (resonance running time) - another method to assess skin elasticity) of both arms of the control and treatment group were performed during 3 visits. 

The first visit was before starting the consumption of oils and application, the second visit was after 30 days of consumption and application and the third visit  was after 60 days of consumption and application.

Results: The consumption of argan oil led to a significant  increase of the skin elasticity for all

3 parameters and a significant decrease of RRT.  The application of argan oil showed the same results.

The scientists conclusion:

‘Our findings suggest that the daily consumption and/or topical application of argan oil have an anti-aging effect on the skin demonstrated by the improvement of skin elasticity, characterized by an increase of R-parameters (R2,R5,R7) and a decrease of RRT.