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A 4 Steps Beauty Therapy to Overcome the End of Summer


End of August, beginning of September. A time when many of us say goodbye to the summer along with all that it implies: sunny beaches and cold drinks, long walks in the open, light clothing, lots of fun and maybe even an exciting flirt.

Autumn often means the end of it all and it is not surprising that this season sometimes brings a bit of sadness and melancholy.

There is nothing wrong with a little sadness, but if you want to get back to your good mood it might be easier than you think. Just follow our “four steps beauty therapy” and you will find yourself smiling again.

Find a little “Me” time

We know it’s hard but you deserve it. Spare a Sunday afternoon just for you. Cancel all appointments, postpone everything for later, even turn off your phone. Trust us, the world will keep turning if you are away for a few hours.

If a whole afternoon still seems like too much to ask for, then an evening after work would also do. What is important is to stop thinking about others and start thinking about you, just for a short while.

A Warm Bath with Essential Oils


Now that you have found the time, fill the bathtub with warm water just like you love it. Let go of troubles and stress and just enjoy the moment. Set your mind and body at peace.

Adding some essential oils will only make things better. Wild orchids, osmanthus blossom, jasmine, white ginger – there is an endless list of scents, so pick your favorite, add a few drops of the oil in the water and let it soak into your body.

The warmth is relaxing but in addition, it sooths your skin, invites it to open its pores, and makes the application of any skin care products much more effective.

Light Some Scented Candles

Make sure it’s not cold in your room before you get out of that bath. We don’t need an adrenalin rush just now.

Set up the mood with a soft music, dimmed lights, and a few scented candles. A diffuser can also fill the room with your favorite aroma, but candles have that amazing ability to make us feel cozy and safe. It has something to do with the sight of flames.

And the scents emitted by them really add up to that feeling. Their fragrance takes you closer to nature and all your worries start to seem insignificant.

Think of it as a way to give respect and honor to the inner Goddess within you the way the ancient civilizations did for their revered deities. Or their beautiful, majestic empresses like Cleopatra.

Pamper Yourself

All those preparations were meant to lead to this moment – when you treat your skin, face and hair with the attention they deserve.

You probably have some beauty rituals you follow every day – put make up in the morning, cleanse your face in the evening, apply a moisturizer or another product. And you probably hate having to do all that because you’re always in a hurry.

Make this moment different by really taking your time. Make it enjoyable. You’re doing it for you, remember?

It is important to note that beauty and health must always come hand in hand. Healthy is beautiful so focus on making your skin and hair healthy and the rest will follow.

Be cautious about the products you use. Avoid anything that has alcohol, parabens, PEGs. Instead, look for organic products with natural ingredients, not tested on animals. Like ours.

Knowing that you’ve done something good for your health – like taking care of your skin and hair – always brings a great feeling of satisfaction. It is even better when the process is so pleasant. And beauty has an undeniable strong effect on our self-esteem.

We guarantee that once you’re done you will be ready to meet your next day with a smile. And don’t be surprised if random people start complimenting you over how good you look.

So who cares if the summer is over? Autumn is going to be amazing.