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The 31st Annual Natural Products Expo East

One the world’s  largest Trade shows for organic and natural products, the “Natural Products Expo East”  ( held September 21-24, hosted more than 1,450 brands including 450 first-time exhibitors like SULA NYC and attracted 28,000 visitors to the Baltimore Convention Center. This was SULA NYC' s first exhibit at Natural Products Expo East - and it was a successful one. Lots of interest for our organic and natural products: The Swiss scented body moisturizers immediately attracted the interest of visitors and Spa and salon & gift shop owners appreciated the Home Fragrance Collection.  The Argan Oil as culinary oil was also part of the palette of organic products we showcased to the public. Thanks for the warm welcome of our...

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The Skin Care Ingredients Event - What You Need to Know

A huge event is coming up this 15 June 2016. Brace yourselves, next Wednesday the Cosmetics Design will be on for the sixth successive year and this time they will bring up the topic about skin care with their online Skin Care Ingredients Event. Viewers will be given an insight to recent advancements, technical innovations and scientific developments in the field of skin care. The event will include a few webinars, which will be presented at different times during the day by specialists in the skin care industry. To date, the skin care market remains one of the fastest-changing on a global scale, with technological advancements constantly altering the trends. For example, in the past year a few trends have...

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SULA NYC exhibited at SHUKAN SEIKATSU Newspaper Beauty Expo.

On May 20th SULA NYC participated at the first Beauty Expo organized by NY SHUKAN SEIKATSU newspaper. The SULA NYC booth was visited by many wellheeled women and men and many traveled far to come and purchase the products. A mini seminar was presented in regards to the beautiful effect Argan Oil has on the skin and the different ways the oil can be applied. All visitors were very much interested in our Argan Oil and some were actually The favorites among the Argan scented body oils were in particular Amazon Dew and Tokyo Moonlight. It was a very nice opportunity to meet and talk with the wonderful women and men who visited the booth..... Beauty Expo に出展 5月20日にNY週刊生活社が主催したBeauty ExpoにスーラNYC...

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