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The Skin Care Ingredients Event - What You Need to Know

Skin Care ingredients

A huge event is coming up this 15 June 2016. Brace yourselves, next Wednesday the Cosmetics Design will be on for the sixth successive year and this time they will bring up the topic about skin care with their online Skin Care Ingredients Event. Viewers will be given an insight to recent advancements, technical innovations and scientific developments in the field of skin care. The event will include a few webinars, which will be presented at different times during the day by specialists in the skin care industry.

To date, the skin care market remains one of the fastest-changing on a global scale, with technological advancements constantly altering the trends. For example, in the past year a few trends have come to the fore: skin health, anti-pollution and others. Things seem to be moving really fast. In-depth studies serve to reckon with the challenges of formulation, regulatory compliance and sustainability in finished products.

The Skin Care Ingredients Event is designed for people who actively participate in skin care products creation, as well as brand owners, marketers, scientists, cosmetics and skin care R&D professionals. Anyone wishing to attend the event should fill out a registration form available on the website of the event and watch the webinars on said day and at the scheduled times.

One of the speakers will be Simon Pitman, who is editor of the websites CosmeticDesign, which have become a leading cosmetic resource in the cyberspace over the past few years. Nikola Matic, another presenter that will take part in the webinars, is a Chemicals & Materials industry manager who has vast experience in international market research. He is currently managing a few programs like Specialty Biocides, Synthetic Latex Polymers, Personal Care Ingredients and others.

Technical Research Manager Judi Beerling is another speaker involved in the event. Her firm specializes in training & consulting, and research. It deals with global organic industries. She is very seasoned, as she has extensive experience in innovations and product formulation. Another presenter worth mentioning is R&D’s vice President Joel Rubin. He is the one that came up with the first store-bought product which contained glycolic acid. He is also known for creating a few facial creams.

Ginny Chang is marketing section manager at Corum. She has many years of experience in global regulatory affairs, market trend and ingredient innovation. Dr Dagmar Kleefeld has many years of experience in the comsetics business, as she has been engaged in it since 2007. She is a marketing manager at Merck where she also works other positions. She has been with the company since 1992. She has also worked in the “Lower Saxony Institute for Peptide Research (IPF)”.

Among the other speakers are Marketing Manager Gabrielle Moro, Global Marketing Cosmetics Marketing Manager Dr. Anja M. Bohlmann, Technical Application Network Europe Manager Dr Lilia Heider, Reporter Deanna Utroske, Business Manager Autcharee Tragarnvaraporn, Vice President Anurag Pande, PhD, International Sales Manager Snow Hsieh, and Senior Editor Simon Pitman. All of the participants are quite experienced in different fields and have offer in-depth knowledge about skin scare ingredients.

The program of the Skin Care Ingredients Event is divided into several presentations or webinars. The first presentation, which will be delivered by Simon Pitman and Nikola Matic, will give an in-depth overview of the global market of skin care ingredients. It starts at 8:00 AM Eastern Time. (Be sure to check at what time you can watch it in your time zone using the info on website. That way, no matter where you are located on the day of the event, you can take advantage of the discussions.) So, the first lecture will focus on the technologies in formulation and the type of ingredients that are currently emerging and gaining pace on the global market.

The second presentation will discuss the challenges that manufacturers face when combining conventional cosmetics and botanicals, as in compatibility, stability and solubility issues. In addition, they will talk about the successful creations of DCosmix brand. The lecture will be given by Anurag Pande at 8:45 AM Eastern Time.

The third presentation will look into the negative impact that urban life has on your skin, especially pollution, stress, sleep cycles and diet. Speakers Gabrielle Moro and Autcharee Tragarnvaraporn will offer cosmetic solutions and talk about market trends and key figures at 9:30 AM Eastern Time.

The next presentation, which starts at 9:30 AM Eastern Time as well, will be about selected cosmetic ingredients. Dr. Dagmar Kleefeld, Dr. Anja M. Bohlmann and Dr Lilia Heider will tell you more about this topic. In addition, at 10:15 AM Eastern Time will begin a webinar which will be discussing sensorial attributes and textures in products for skin care, as well as their importance. Speakers will be Joel Rubin and Deanna Utroske.

Another webinar worth checking is the one that will dig into the science of equilibrium in terms of oil/water regulation and skin pH. Snow Hsieh and Ginny Chang will come up with a few personal care solutions to keep the largest body organ healthy. Finally, the last presentation will begin at 11:45 AM Eastern Time. It will be similar to the second presentation in that it will offer solutions for problems with the compatibility, stability and solubility issues that arise when incorporating natural-based ingredients into conventional cosmetics. The webinar will be presented by Simon Pitman, Judi Beerling, Anurag Pande, PhD.

The event is sponsored by a few companies which are involved in the cosmetic industry.

If you are interested in the event about Skin Care Ingredients, make sure that you get yourself registered on their website and you will be given access to the webinars.