The 31st Annual Natural Products Expo East – SULA NYC

The 31st Annual Natural Products Expo East


One the world’s  largest Trade shows for organic and natural products, the “Natural Products Expo East”  ( held September 21-24, hosted more than 1,450 brands including 450 first-time exhibitors like SULA NYC and attracted 28,000 visitors to the Baltimore Convention Center.

This was SULA NYC' s first exhibit at Natural Products Expo East - and it was a successful one. Lots of interest for our organic and natural products: The Swiss scented body moisturizers immediately attracted the interest of visitors and Spa and salon & gift shop owners appreciated the Home Fragrance Collection.  The Argan Oil as culinary oil was also part of the palette of organic products we showcased to the public. Thanks for the warm welcome of our products and philosophy! Our packaging, showcasing the New York City vibe and the colors of the Rainforest, was found modern, eye-catching.

We had had great conversations with retailers, distributors, health practitioners, distributors and young entrepreneurs; One of our first orders at the show was with Bevrore, a new beauty boutique founded by Jillian Williams, from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (

Our booth, designed and produced by CartonlabUSA ( got rave reviews: attractive and made with sustainable materials. In particular the 'Argan tree' was a show stopper and brought the Argan forests from Morocco to our booth. Thanks Ana and Bobette for a great design!


Leonardo da Vinci's ‘Vitruvian Man’, the image we use to explain the scientific benefits of Argan oil, was helpful and we had the pleasure to educate and share our excitement for organic certified ingredients and products. Even for the seasoned business visitors of this tradeshow some facts were new - and the introduction of Culinary Argan oil triggered the most questions. 'Yes, it is plant based -hence the Argan tree-, organic certified, cold- pressed and Extra Virgin. Super tasty, and it has more health benefits than extra virgin olive oil!  Check it out at


Our friends of the Humane Society of the United States (, Vicky and Cheryl stopped by and we will collaborate in the very near future in a new campaign - details to follow.


We were pleased with the interest of the press, especially the vegan press. Our products, being animal cruelty free, organic, vegan, respectfully sourced meet the philosophy and lifestyle of many. Also, the fact SULA NYC is the first in our industry in the US as signatory to the UN Global Compact. (

Only a little time was available to us to visit the enormous Food section of the show: 50+ cocos waters, chips, granola gave a good perspective of what's going on. The supplement section of the expo was impressive as well. Wait till we introduce our Argan Softcell (vegan) gels end of this year.

See you next year in Baltimore, booth 2711, 14-16 September 2017!