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The Meaning of “GINZA SIX’


The developers of GINZA SIX  explain: “The name GINZA SIX expresses determination and pride in carrying on the history and innovative character of the one and only Ginza area, existing alongside it while also giving it new value. Our name proudly shows that we are a symbol of Ginza 6-chome and also illustrates that we are a six-star establishment where products and services that satisfy all five senses come together, and inspire joy and satisfaction that transcend those senses.”

“In highly minimalist fashion, the “GSIX” logo, designed by Kenya Hara, brings together letters that have a powerful visual and geometric character. With its firm axis and intimate presence, this logo functions as a symbol of a project that includes high quality brands, products and services. It is a logo design with a prestige whose luster will not fade with time.”

World-class retail facility in the Ginza, Japan’s most celebrated shopping district

241 stores will open in a 47,000 m² retail facility, the largest of its kind in the Ginza area. A curated lineup of stores that, besides SULA NYC,  include fashion brands from collections across the world, making it a place where customers can visit to understand the now of Japan and feel the latest world trends. With a full length (frontage) of approximately 115m facing the Chuo-dori, the main avenue of Ginza area, there are large 2-5 story flagship stores for six world-class luxury brands as their flagship stores whose distinctive façades create a new face of the Ginza area.

Aside from fashion, there are also a range of lifestyle products to add color to your home life and luxurious restaurants and cafés. In addition, the elegant space, membership program, exquisitely attentive service, and creative art and events make for a fulfilling experience for all visitors.

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