The Meaning of “GINZA SIX’

The developers of GINZA SIX  explain: “The name GINZA SIX expresses determination and pride in carrying on the history and innovative character of the one and only Ginza area, existing alongside it while also giving it new value. Our name proudly shows that we are a symbol of Ginza 6-chome and also illustrates that we are a six-star establishment where products and services that satisfy all five senses come together, and inspire joy and satisfaction that transcend those senses.” “In highly minimalist fashion, the “GSIX” logo, designed by Kenya Hara, brings together letters that have a powerful visual and geometric character. With its firm axis and intimate presence, this logo functions as a symbol of a project that includes high...

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   SULA NYC is proud to be part of 'Life at it's Best', the concept GINZA SIX has created. 241 brands of world class quality, SULA NYC  being one of them, will offer an oasis of inspiration, interaction and discovery. We will bring new natural and organic cosmetic and lifestyle products as well as our classic collection - and some special GINZA SIX Flagship editions. Organic and natural products: luxurious and inspirational: relevant and explorative.  We wellcome all of you April 20, Ginza, Tokyo. In a press conference attended by 500+ media the four founding partners introduced the GINZA SIX concept. The brand slogan: 'Where Luxury Begins, What is the luxury of tomorrow?'   Every month our CEO's of SULA NYC...

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Exclusive Promotion in ISETAN SHINJUKU MEN's STORE, 1st Floor Cosmetics

SULA NYC JAPAN LAUNCHES NEW PRODUCTS at ISETAN SHINJUKU MEN’S STORE   SULA NYC ( will introduce its unisex natural skin care products based on pure Moroccan Argan oil, with a special promotion, starting January 15 at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Store, First Floor, Cosmetic Corner. Isetan Shinjuku’s Cosmetic Corner is popular with health conscious, sophisticated customers, who will appreciate SULA NYC’s emphasis on natural ingredients, simplicity and ease of use. SULA NYC will have a special installation, on the Promotion Table in the Cosmetic Corner, which will symbolically express the relationship with three places --- New York, Morocco and Suriname --- which are the backbone, of this one-of-a-kind brand. We hope that our “hands on” approach will help you understand...

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Mr. Mike Bloomberg, 's worlds richest mayor and NYC's best leader met with Misao Itoh and Patricia Reinders

Invited by sr.VP Nevah Assang of NYC & Company  Patricia Reinders, CEO SULA NYC and Misao Itoh, COO SULA NYC JAPAN attended the 'thank you mr. mayor' gala event at the Met.  NYC & Company is the official marketing, tourism and partnership organization for the City of New York, dedicated to maximizing travel and tourism opportunities throughout the five boroughs, building economic prosperity and spreading the positive image of New York City worldwide. 2013 attracted 10% more visitors: 53 million.

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SULA NYC JAPAN in the press:

10月2日からNail Quick スパネイル大手町店ほかにてお求めいただけます。2013/09/309月30日からサロン ド ネイル サッポロにてお求めいただけます。2013/09/12SULA NYCブランドの新商品登場。フェイス専用美容液や、アルガンオイルの浸透を促すソープ・マスクなどの新商品はこちら。2013/08/23DEPARTURES、BON VOYAGE、MAQUIA 9月号、Numero TOKYO 10月号にACTIVE EDITIONが掲載されました。2013/08/148月からネットショップ「ココカラLOHSショップ」 にてお求めいただけます。2013/07/23MAQUIA 8月号、re-quest/QJ 8月号、yoga JOURNALにACTIVE EDITIONが掲載されました。2013/07/187月上旬から Grossé 青山本店/ Grossé 大阪店/ Front Yard 恵比寿店/ WTW 青山店 にてお求めいただけます。2013/06/146月からネイルサロンK+(ケープラス) にてお求めいただけます。2013/05/176月上旬からQUOMIST(クオミスト)  新丸ビル店/ アトレ上野店/ 有楽町マルイ店にてお求めいただけます。

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