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How “green” teenagers are revolutionizing the beauty world

Teenagers relationship with the beauty world, and in particular with skincare, is revolutionizing the cosmetics market. Unlike their predecessors, teenagers are less interested in tomorrow's skin problems, such as wrinkles, and more sensitive to brightness and natural look. Their approach to cosmetics is dictated by the "green": they make conscious choices and are very careful to respect social and environmental sustainability.

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How is green skin care doing in the NYC fall?

Green skin care is on the rise in New York City, a recent survey by natural and organic skin care brand SULA NYC shows. About two thirds know the key ingredient of the products they buy, read ingredients. Etho-ethical certification is more and more recognized, cruelty free is almost a must, just like safety. 'Try before you buy'  is true for color cosmetics and fragrances, not so much for skin care, Hair products are expected to smell great. Single ingredients based products get all the attention as benefits are easier to google than complicated formulas from labs ().  Respectable sourcing is becoming more and more important; transparency is on the rise. And we are very happy to report a key...

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Argan Oil: Therapeutic potentials

The interesting use of argan oil is in traditional medicine as a health improving natural product, for skin, osteoarthritis and digestive issues. In  the  last  decades,  research  studies  have  shed  light  on  argan  oil  chemical  composition,  and  the biological effects of its components. Argan oil is highly enriched with bioactive substances such as tocopherols, carotenoïds, sterols and polyphenol molecules and many other substances. Each of these classes of molecules was shown to exert anti-oxidant, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory activities in isolated cells and/or animal experiments, Read more: Prof. Dr. Mourad Errasfa, Argan oil's therapeutic potentials.

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The World of Organic Agriculture

 Recently, ITC publiced 'the State of Sustainable Markets', a report based on a partnership with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) and the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD, Canada). This report outlines data on area, production volume and producers. Fourteen Voluntary Sustainability Standards and its impact are described. Voluntary standards are developed and maintained by organizations like IFOAM (the first, since 1972), FSC, Fairtrade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance. The latter organizations merged, for more info: We highly recommand reading this report, loaded with statistics and merging trends. Here are some infographics:    SULA NYC formulates with ingredients from two completely different geographical regions: the wetlands: Amazon basin and the drylands: Maghreb. We are USDA organic...

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