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Cruelty Free Blogs We Love (And You Would, Too)

cruelty free blogs against animal testing

Our previous article on animal testing attracted a lot of attention, which makes us really happy, because we do believe this is important. Thank you! We decided to share with you a few blogs, which are focused on cruelty free cosmetics and everything related to the topic - animal rights, vegan lifestyle, etc.

You probably already know about PETA and Leaping Bunny's cruelty-free shopping lists (where SULA NYC is also included, as we deal with natural and organic products only). But the blogs in the list bellow can add some valuable information, so they are worth following. Those are not the "top blogs" which everyone knows about, and we think you might not have seen them before. However, each of them is amazing in its own way and we are sure you won't regret adding those to your feed list. 

Cruelty Free Kitty

Ok, this IS one of those "top blogs" everyone knows about, but it's just so good we couldn't miss it. Since 2014, Suzi inspires not only with her passion about natural cosmetics but also with the astonishing graphic and web design of her blog. The blog's content is diverse and provides probably the most accurate and up to date information about cruelty free brands and products. You already know about the cruelty-free shopping lists by PETA and Leaping Bunny (which SULA NYC is also part of) but Cuelty Free Kitty's long lists are another great guides in the world of cruelty free shopping. And may save you a lot of time for research whether a given brand is or isn't cruelty free.  

Lovely Witches

The blog is managed by Gemma who describes herself as animal lover, daydreamer, and vegan. Sounds like a great person, right? She tests and reviews all kinds of cruelty-free makeup, skin care, hair care and vegan products. Over time we've learned to trust her expert opinion and if you give her a chance you would, too. If you are new to the cruelty free topic, make sure to check out her FAQ section – you will find the right answers to many of your questions. 

Coffee and Heels

Coffee and Heels is not just about cosmetics, but rather for anything fashion. As the author Sascha admits, she is a fashion-obsessed girl, but combining that with being a vegan is what makes her special. Her blog is very personal, she writes about all kind of things that are of interest to her. So if you're looking for a good read about something more than just cosmetics, give Coffee and Heels a try. 

A Life Cosmethic

The first thing which draws attention is the misspelled "cosmethic" in the title. In fact, combining "cosmetic" with "ethic" is the whole idea behind this blog. We LOVE the clean and simple design of this cozy place, where everything is easy to find. From baby products, through fragrances and make up, to cleaning products – everything cruelty-free is here! And it is perfectly organized. In addition to all the cruelty-free product reviews, here you will find all the latest news in the cruelty-free world. The blog is managed by two sisters – Carolyn and Sarah, and they are doing great job in promoting the cruelty-free lifestyle and being conscious about the products we use everyday.  

Vegan Consultant

As the title suggests, the blog is about everything vegan. It is like a guide to switching to a vegan lifestyle. Jen, the author of this blog, has done an amazing job in this direction. Of course she is a promoter of everything cruelty-free – not just cosmetics, but literally anything. Like she said in one of her recent posts: "I make choices throughout my life from a consciousness not to cause harm to my health, animals, and the planet." We think that's a great moto to live by!  

The Vegan Taff

The heading of this blogs states "cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle" and that's exactly what the blog is about. We like it, because Kelly – the author – looks for not just cruelty-free products, but also budget-friendly, which many of you will appreciate. She looks for bargains and then shares them with her readers, so everyone can take advantage of them. The blog is very visual, as Kelly is taking most of the photos by herself, and she is extremely skillful with her camera. And there is a "Directory" section, where all reviews she's ever written are arranged by alphabetical order and you can quickly find the product which you're looking for. Very useful! Just look at that blog! What’s not to love about it? 


Hotashi has been around since 2011, but we only found her blog recently. Probably because she is Canadian, writing about cruelty-free beauty products available in Canada. Nevertheless, her blog is a jewel. She doesn't write any sponsored reviews, which means she can be trusted to give honest opinion. We especially value the way she describes the properties of each product in the opening of every post. It makes it so much easier to quickly get familiar with the product and decide whether you're interested in it or not. Hotashi also shares her personal experience with living cruelty-free, what are the difficulties she faces and how she overcomes them.  

Beauty for good

Beauty for Good might be a bit chaotic and visual a little challenging, but we read it anyway. Because the content is great, sincere, inspirational and very personal. The author shares her experience with beauty products which don't come at the expense of animal testing. On her about page, she makes a very important point, that many people miss – sometimes a company, which claims to be cruelty-free has a parent company, which tests on animals. It is a way for big brand to trick consumers. The author's name is Sharon, and she hasn't shared much about her, but it's enough to know that we like her!

We hope you find those blogs useful and more importantly, we hope they inspire you to move towards a cruelty-free lifestyle and be mindful about the everyday choices you make when you buy beauty products (or any other products). Often we don't realize the harm we cause. But the change is possible.