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Skin Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is that exciting period for women, which brings tons of reasons to smile. However, it also comes with some big no-nos. Mothers-to-be are faced with the challenge of figuring out what to use, what not to use, what to eat and what to avoid. Now, you don’t have to be an expert to know that when you are expecting a baby, you should quit smoking, ditch the coffee and put down the glass of wine. Perhaps the most daunting problem is how to keep your skin elastic to avoid stretch marks and which products to go with that your baby will benefit from. In this post, we will cover all these topics so that you are prepared. What to...

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Understanding Oils: Vegetable, Essential or Mineral?

There is such a variety of oils on the market these days that it is important to know what they are about and how you can use them to your advantage. Failing to recognize the different products can lead to skin problems, it can even jeopardize your health. So before you reach for the bottle of peppermint essential oil or before you apply mineral oil to your skin, be sure to read this post and find out what types of oils there are  and what they are  used for. What is a vegetable oil? The name vegetable oil stems from the fact that this type of oil is extracted from plants. More specifically: the ‘fatty’ portion of a plant: seeds,...

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Animal Testing Alternatives – A Webinar by Chemical Watch

27 April 2016, Chemical Watch hosted a webinar on the alternatives to animal testing in London. Leading scientists took part in the event, including Director of Science at Cruelty Free International Dr. Katy Taylor, Principal Consultant David Andrew and Evaluation director and Scientific Officer at the European Chemicals Agency – Dr. Laurence Hoffstadt. Chemical Watch Managing Director Emma Chynoweth was present as well. The purpose of the meeting was to inform on new regulations and discuss the alternative methods of in vivo tests, and in less than two hours some encouraging findings were pinpointed. REACH defines animal testing as a ‘last resort’ option to ensure the safety of ingredients. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a European...

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Cruelty Free Blogs We Love (And You Would, Too)

Our previous article on animal testing attracted a lot of attention, which makes us really happy, because we do believe this is important. Thank you! We decided to share with you a few blogs, which are focused on cruelty free cosmetics and everything related to the topic - animal rights, vegan lifestyle, etc. You probably already know about PETA and Leaping Bunny's cruelty-free shopping lists (where SULA NYC is also included, as we deal with natural and organic products only). But the blogs in the list bellow can add some valuable information, so they are worth following. Those are not the "top blogs" which everyone knows about, and we think you might not have seen them before. However, each of...

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What Is Animal Testing and Why It Needs To Stop

What is animal testing? Everyone melts down at the sight of fluffy rabbits, ideally jumping freely at their natural environment. However, it is well-known, that these innocent animals, altogether with rodents such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils are being used by all kind of industries to test their products before releasing them to the market. It has been estimated by "Human Society" that registration of a single pesticide requires more than 50 experiments on as many as 12,000 animals. Unfortunately, animal testing has been widely spread in the cosmetic industry as well. It is justified as being mandatory in order to substantiate the safety of ingredients used as well as the final product prior to marketing. Cosmetic...

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