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What Makes Your Skin and Hair Dry

Dry hair

Your hair and skin tell more about you than you think; like if you are using the right products or following a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, no matter how hard you are trying, your skin is dry and itchy and your hair is dry and brittle. Now, let’s go find out what makes your hair and skin dry, and how you can change things for the better.


Soaps and shampoos

Believe it or not, not all soaps, shower gels and shampoos are created equal. Some have the potential to leave your skin and hair dry. What you need to understand is that every skin is different. What is perfect for yours might be a bad pick for someone else. Hence, you need to find a shampoo and shower gel that work for you, not against you.

Lengthy showers

Spending too much time under a hot water spray, as nice and soothing as it is, can dry out your skin and damage your hair. Even if you use lukewarm water, there is still a chance it ruins your skin if you take very long, hot showers.

The weather

Low temperatures and wind have their impact on your outer layer, as well as your hair. In some parts of the world, humidity levels drop during winter, which can affect your body. But what can be more detrimental is the staggering difference between indoor and outdoor temperature during that time of the year. If your hair doesn’t look at its best, now you know why. However, winter is not the only season that can help strip moisture from your skin and hair. Getting too much sun during summer is another moisture-robbing factor which adds to brittle, dull hair and itchy, dry skin.

Vitamin deficiency

Some vitamins and minerals play a huge role in keeping the skin healthy. Deficiency of vitamins E and C, zinc or calcium, alone or together, can cause skin dryness and other symptoms. That’s why eating food that is rich in vitamins is vital.


Hair care

Use the right products

There are products that are specially designed for dry hair and skin. Of course, you might have to try a number of them before you get your hands on the product that suits your skin and hair type best.

Restrain from washing your hair too often. Twice a week should suffice. If you wash it every day, you risk damaging it. Also, make sure to use alcohol-free products. In case you don’t know, alcohol can remove moisture from your skin and hair.

Improve your diet

Making sure to eat a diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins will help you reduce dryness in skin and hair. There are loads of foods which you can add to your daily meals. For example, broccoli, avocado, almonds, turnip greens, spinach, olives, and papaya contain vitamin E, whereas seafood, chicken, mushrooms and some nuts are high in zinc. If you need more calcium, then you need to eat more dairy products, soybeans and leafy greens.

Opt for argan oil

One of the best natural skin moisturizers is argan oil. Organic argan oil works wonders on the immune system, it helps against some health conditions and can help you get glowing skin and smooth hair. Its properties are miraculous. Make the most out of argan oil, use it both orally and as a hair and body lotion. For skin, use after shower. Because it is rich in vitamin E, it can give you what your skin needs. You can use it to soothe rashes, itching and dryness. Also, add culinary argan oil to your desserts and salads to get more vitamin E on the inside.

For hair, be sure to massage the scalp using as much argan oil as necessary to cover every area. Leave the oil to work its magic for 20-30 minutes, then rinse well and shampoo. You can also apply it to the ends of the hair in lieu of conditioner to nurture it, help brush it more easily and reduce split ends. Use a few drops to protect your hair when blow-drying. Add a few drops in your palms and run them through your hair. Use a comb or a brush to help distribute it evenly. If you are planning to color your hair, make sure to spread a little argan oil into your hair the night before. It will replenish and nourish the hair, and dryness will not be an issue.