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Argan - The Green Medicine? presentations at COP22 / SIGEF 2016 Marrakech

Culinary Argan Oil presented as 'the GREEN MEDICINE' in Prestigous Seminars in Marrakech Last week the UN Climate Change Conference COP22 started in Marrakech, Morocco. Altough zero 'climate change' questions were asked during the 3 presidential debates in the USA, and the president - elect thinks climate change is a hoax, we at SULA NYC feel it is one of the key issues of our time. The Argan tree has weathered rough conditions and manages to attract water through its deep roots, but can it withstand an even more harsher climate, the thread of Climate Change?  Anyhow, on a more general level, major conferences like these always stimulates more meetings, conferences and intellectual exchanges. One of these conferences is SIGEF:...

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Ending Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Our friends from Humane Society have released a detailed infographic explaining why we should act and help stop animal cruelty around the world. SULA NYC is proud to be part of this global cause. Take a little time to learn what the major cosmetics companies hide from you and decide for yourself whether you too want to join our mission.

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The 31st Annual Natural Products Expo East

One the world’s  largest Trade shows for organic and natural products, the “Natural Products Expo East”  ( held September 21-24, hosted more than 1,450 brands including 450 first-time exhibitors like SULA NYC and attracted 28,000 visitors to the Baltimore Convention Center. This was SULA NYC' s first exhibit at Natural Products Expo East - and it was a successful one. Lots of interest for our organic and natural products: The Swiss scented body moisturizers immediately attracted the interest of visitors and Spa and salon & gift shop owners appreciated the Home Fragrance Collection.  The Argan Oil as culinary oil was also part of the palette of organic products we showcased to the public. Thanks for the warm welcome of our...

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A 4 Steps Beauty Therapy to Overcome the End of Summer

End of August, beginning of September. A time when many of us say goodbye to the summer along with all that it implies: sunny beaches and cold drinks, long walks in the open, light clothing, lots of fun and maybe even an exciting flirt. Autumn often means the end of it all and it is not surprising that this season sometimes brings a bit of sadness and melancholy. There is nothing wrong with a little sadness, but if you want to get back to your good mood it might be easier than you think. Just follow our “four steps beauty therapy” and you will find yourself smiling again. Find a little “Me” time We know it’s hard but you deserve...

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How Do You Feel About Your Body?

The UK personal care brand Dove released the results of their third and most detailed so far research on body esteem among women and girls around world. This time they interviewed 10,500 girls and women from 13 countries. According to the data, low body confidence is a global issue. Still, it is a common problem mostly in countries like USA, Germany, UK, Canada and Australia, where women feel like they must “have it all”. For the USA, it turns out that currently only 50% of the women and girls feel confident about their looks. In comparison, in India 96% of the women said they find themselves beautiful. So what is the reason for having such a low self-esteem when it comes...

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